Wednesday, July 1, 2009

It's Going To Be A Jeanne d'Arc Living "Extravaganza" Next Week!

Pictured above are three crowns coming in (hopefully toward the end of next week!) from Jeanne d'Arc Living.
They are gorgeous, are they not?

Also arriving:

In addition to the other beautiful ribbons we currently offer, we'll also be getting in these from Jeanne d'Arc Living:

Wonderful new ribbons in the most amazing, calming neutals...

On the left, light grey and on the right, a dark grey...

Below are the flax and the brown colors...

And, the much-coveted Christmas book from Jeanne d'Arc Living.
it focuses on a natural-themed Christmas -- in the "Nordic/French" style, of course...

Beautiful images of a light, Nordic Christmas...

There are many, many other items that we've ordered from Jeanne d'Arc Living, but they are not slated to arrive until next month.

But these beautiful things should hold us over for a while, don't you think?

If you have placed a pre-order with us for any of the Jeanne d'Arc Living items currently listed on the site, we fully expect to be able to ship them out to you NEXT WEEK!!


I recently received an email from one of my awesome customers-turned-good friend, and she had some questions for me about the Jeanne d'Arc Living line of products.
I thought I'd pass her questions and my answers on to you, since I've gotten similar questions from others of you:

Do you think the books will be basically repeats of the magazines?
I do know that the magazines are put together just like other mags -- fresh content each month, etc. The "French Atmospheres" book should feature content that you have not seen.

Is the mag. actually a subscription that arrives bi-monthly? No, it is not a subscription at all -- as it can only be ordered/purchased from boutiques either online or in your area. The mag has to be purchased by a boutique then passed on to the public -- no subscriptions and no availability in bookstores or newsstands, making it a very special publication indeed.

And do i have this correct, it is too late to see the first issue or purchase it?
Yes, to my knowledge purchasing back-issues is not possible for me (though I'd LOVE to, so I could have and sell all that have ever been printed! :) You never know, you might find some older issues on ebay... ?

Can you translate the mag. content? if not how do you order?
Well, I do NOT speak Danish! :)
Like probably most of the rest of you, I go online and use an online translation service like the one from Google if I want to translate something in the mag. But really, I adore the pics so much, I rarely even bother to translate... When I order for the store, I am able to utilize an "English" version of their site, so that makes it easy!

Will you be ordering various items from the same co. from time to time?
Don't you know it!
In fact, I already have many new things in line to ship over the next month!
"Stay tuned" as they say! :)

~MY best, to YOU!~

*All photos courtesy of Jeanne d'Arc Living


Andrea - Faded Plains said...

So exciting...can't wait to receive my pre-order...and then see what goods you'll have available on the site.

*The Beautiful Life* said...

Hey Andrea! I can't wait to send you your things, either!! :)

Thanks, friend!


Claudia said...

Oh, I love that crown on the left! I want one. Love that you are carrying these things, Ruth!

It' an Evolution said...

Those colors are so calming..I will check back in when I return from vacation...need supplies for silver bella...
Happy 4th of July

NicNacManiac said...

Thanks so much for sharing this wonderful discovery!! The crowns are lovely and the way you display your goodies is fantastic!!
Hugs, Nerina :)

*The Beautiful Life* said...

Hi Nerina!
Thanks so much! Their products are amazing, aren't they?

The photos are actually all directly from Jeanne d'Arc Living (with their permission of course). :)

They do such a perfect job representing their products in pictures and I knew I probably would be able to improve on them, so... :)

Thanks for stopping by!


rochambeau said...

Hi Ruth,
These crowns are BEAUTIFUL!!!
How exciting!
happy early 4th of July!


Jeanneoli said...

So many beautiful items you are getting in!!

Chrissy said...

Oh Ruth...those photos are stunning!!I don't think I could do it,if I were you I would want one of everything!! Hope this finds you well...we are away next week for a few days(going to go to that store)Talk to you soon,Chrissy

Tracie~MyPetiteMaison said...

Yippee! What wonderful news. I can say I have the "Jul" book and for anyone that wants to know, it is gorgeous. In my opinion, it's not just for Christmas but for every day inspiration. Have a great day, Ruth. I'm taking time off and waiting for my orders (with bated breath ;) ...very exciting! Ooh, love everything new shown here.

Elyse said...

everything is lovely!


Chrissy said...

Just checking in,hope you are o.k??Talk soon,Chrissy