Wednesday, June 24, 2009

Jeanne d'Arc Living products update

Just a quick note for those of you Jeanne d'Arc Living lovers out there ...

It's looking like some of the things we're expecting on this coming shipment are already just about sold out and we'll be staying on top of things to keep the website updated as best we can so that we can indicate immediately when an item has "sold out" (though we don't even have the things in hand yet).
Some of the things that are reaching the "sold out" level (as in, there is only maybe 1 left now...)

This is all really pretty exciting -- the fact that so many things can reach "sold out" levels even before the products have even "landed" at the shop. But I'm not surprised, since this is no ordinary shipment and these are no ordinary items, are they?

According to the tracking info we received, the cargo ship carrying this "beloved" inventory is expected to dock in Charleston, SC in just a few days and then be trucked to us from there.

So, we're now expecting to get our hands on this shipment (and don't you just know I'm already tapping my fingers in anticipation!) early in the week just after the July 4th holiday weekend.

I should even have extra hands available to help that week soley for the purpose of expediting the uncrating and then reshipping back out to you!

Just wanted to keep you posted!
I'm so excited -- can you tell?

Now... off to work on getting that new "this & that" page going for the website.
Hey! "This & That"! Just thought of the name and it's not bad...maybe...

I think I like your suggestions better -- much prettier.
Have a fab day!


All photos, Jeanne d'Arc Living


Adrienne W said...

Well, I have been contemplating on what my next order will be, I guess I better hurry up and make up my mind before it's all gone! :) It's so hard because I want it all!!!

Andrea - Faded Plains said...

Like the blogger before really is soooo hard to pick. I have already orderd a couple things...and there's still a couple more things I love. Love it all!

P.S. I also loved the post you wrote about your hubby and family...precious.

Tracie~MyPetiteMaison said...

I'm so happy I placed my order already... whew! If you need a volunteer to meet the ship, I'll do it ;) Don't think everything would fit in my car though. So excited!

Laura said...

I can tell you that the French Atmosphere book is to die for....I LOVE my copy!!!

Anonymous said...

Love it! Must go check it out!!

Kasey said...

It's beautiful.

Alif said...

Wow.. beautiful.. :)

Chrissy said...

Not giving up hope yet of getting something,problem is I want it all( is that greedy?) Hope you are well, talk soon,Chrissy