Saturday, August 23, 2008

Magazine Recognition, New Items...Life's Good!

We're excited around here -- lots happening and that's always fun and exhilerating.

We're on a sort of on a "run" right now with magazine recognition and that is always especially thrilling, isn't it?

Romantic Homes magazine special issue "Bedrooms & Baths" features our French canvas "buckets" as a great idea for storage/organization/decor in the bath and here's the photo they chose to use:

This special Bedrooms & Baths issue is available on newsstands only, so even if you are a regular subscriber to the magazine, you'll want to be sure to pick one up when you're out!

You know what's terrible? I haven't even gotten my hands on a copy yet, so I can't even tell you what page we're on! :)

Romantic Homes has also shown our beautiful French draft stoppers in the current, regular issue out right now (the October issue).

As many of you will aready know, these beauties are hand made by Sylvie, sister to the one and only 'Fabulous Fifi'.

Sylvie lives in Provence and was kind enough to work her pretty fingers to the bone making us a large assortment of these functional and beautiful draft stoppers. As you can see, there are several variations on the general theme: "Ma Maison" ('My House' in French) but basically there is khaki stripe and a wonderful red stripe.
The painstakingly done hand cross-stitching (each letter takes her ONE HOUR!) takes on a few different font/color styles among the draft stoppers -- some script, some block, some very fanciful lettering!
**She also made us a selection of fabric French "shoe" decorations and some gorgeous linen cande/vase "bags" (shown further down below).

If you already have your October issue of Romantic Homes, you'll find them on page 26.

Last, coming soon to the Fall issue of a very beautiful magazine, you'll see us mentioned with regard to our beautiful handpainted toleware cachepots (below):

Now, one of the neatest, most unusual items we've carried in a long time are these other beauties made for us by Sylvie....she & We call them 'Candle bags' but they can be for whatever you choose.

The key is to use whatever form of vase or glass container you choose, and tuck it inside the linen "sleeve" or "bag" for added drama.

Shown here with a tall vase inside, holding beautiful roses. It really & truly elevates the use of a simple glass jar or vase to a WHOLE NEW French-style level!

When there aren't beautiful flowers in the glass container, place a candle inside! The fabric seems to glow beautifully against the light from the candle inside!

As you can see, we have several sizes/designs to offer. The exact measurements of each one will be listed on the site and you can choose the exact one that you want!

These are "coming soon" to the site -- pics need to be finished, etc. We have a VERY small amount of these and when they're gone, they're gone!

They're a beautiful, made-with-love-by-Sylvie treasure!

Below are our new sets of handpainted wooden bird plaques. They've "flown in" just in time -- especially with Fall around the corner -- they just look like Fall to me, for some reason...Their colors are warm and folksy and they're just perfect for that little spot on the wall that needs a "little someting"!

Below are sets of whimsical, candy-colored napkin sets from France. They match kitchen towel sets already in the Kitchen Department.

Pretty soft pink (above) or pale turquoise. You can't go wrong either way!


We've had these napkin sets for a few months, and although the towel sets have been on the site that long, we only just discovered that somehow, inadvertantly, we neglected to put the matching napkins on the site as well!

So...better late than never. :)

Drumroll, please...

Here are some FABULOUS, FUNKY, HIP, CHIC, CRAZY-GOOD new items that we're now in the process of adding to the site:

Sets of colorful Union Jack note cards!

Use them as intended, OR frame them for the world's least expensive way to add punch to a blank wall space!


Feast your eyes on these to-die-for 8" x 10" prints...

Is it just me, or are these not just the most incredible prints ever??

Actually, there's more -- but I can't show you EVERYTHING here!!

Our photographing will be done soon (fingers crossed!) and we'll work fast to get it all up and for sale!

Suffice to say, if you like these....yeah, you'll love the rest...
Last, but not least, just wanted to put a reminder out there about our fabby and oh-so-fun VOTE soaps...They won't be around for long and this couldn't be a better time to buy a few to give as 'friendly reminders'.

Hmm..."Vote" soap...who says politics is dirty?

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