Monday, August 11, 2008


As this past weekend was winding down and I was working and puttering about in my office/media room in our "barn" building where I work, I decided to "walk the talk" and live as beautifully as I try to teach others to do.

So, I did what any faithful devotee' of The Beautiful Life would do -- I decided to light a candle and add a luscious ambiance to the air as I went about my to-do list.

I surveyed the array of candles at my disposal (oh, the benefits of store ownership!!) and my eyes landed on a candle I have been dying to try out on my own time.

There it stood....
All purple and gold and exotic-looking. That was the one. . . It was time to fill the air with Mayan Hot Chocolate. The description reads "Cocoa beans and vanilla, with a hint of cayenne pepper...

Hmm...Sounds pretty great! OK, here goes.

Not being one typically for "sweet" food-smelling candles (I go more for the darker, green, woody scents on my own time), I decided to indulge in some calorie-free chocolate.
And since anyone who knows me knows that I'm never more than a few paces away from some form of chocolate, the fact that I had never actually burned this particular candle before, just seemed wrong! :)

Fast foward a few minutes after lighting the candle...
WOWZERS! Holy Mackerel! Get out!

As I sat there with the candle burning on the coffee table near me, I kept getting a whiff of it. And another whiff. And another chocolatey whiff.

I am officially hooked.

Skeem (the manufacturer) has really come up with a winner -- especially since they won over a die-hard 'I-can't-stand-those-icky-sweet-dessert-scented-candles' person!

AND HERE IS THE REALLY BIG REVELATION (well, big for me, anyway): I would even burn this in my entryway.
I would have never said that prior to trying this candle. I would typically only burn a way more elegant scent such as a figiuer, or a red cedar, or cypress bark, etc., for the front hall/entry of my home.

Well, move over scents of trees, bark and twigs -- I'm a Mayan Hot Chocolate girl for now!

So there you have it. I just had to share this -- especially for those 'scent snobs' like me who would have previously never been caught dead burning a "foodie candle" at all, much less right up front and center in the front hall of your home.

Give it a shot, if you care to -- what do you have to lose? Luscious, yummy chocolate scent for your home, no calories, and we ship to you FREE!

I'm thinking this is some delicioso deal!

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Kasey said...

Hello Ruth, thank you so much for leaving that awesome post about the little guy!
you rock.