Tuesday, August 19, 2008

Our Girl Fay Left Us In The Pink!

Well look at this!
Tropical Storm/Hurricane Fay swept through leaving everything in her wake a lovely shade of PINK!
Even the brick walkway seems tinged with PINK!

The picture above was taken just after the first picture and as you can see we started to just then get some sprinkles -- I thought it almost looked like fireflies (though I've never actually seen fireflies in person...).
Just a quick note to thank you for your well-wishes for us here in Florida while we wondered what Tropical Storm/Hurricane Fay would do.

I'm happy to report that her affects here in our neck of the woods resulted in nothing more than a super dark-grey day, windy at times, and just a bit of a sprinkling of rain off and on. All in all, it was actually kind of nice, since it cooled us down about 10 degrees!
And since there was not much we could do while waiting see what we were in for, we kicked back in our office/tv area (shown below) and even took it easy for a bit today!

So, all in all it was really a very nice day! Thanks, Fay! You painted our sky a girlie-girl shade of PINK and gave us some much needed "put your feet up and rest" time!
She's still swirling around out there and we may not have heard the last from her, but for now, we're back to business as usual!
Thank you, Lord!


Kasey said...

wow, great pics!

Robin said...

So glad all is well after Fay. The photos are terrific of that dramatic pink sky!

The World According to Libby said...

Nice shots Ruth! Beautiful!
I miss you girl!!!!
Love you!

The World According to Libby said...

Seal! Love it! I have his greatest hits CD! Love him!
Love this song!