Friday, June 3, 2011

You've Asked, & Now This Here Is One Last Chance!

I promised my friend in Denmark that I would alert you to the
of the two auctions for complete sets of 
Jeanne d'Arc Living magazines 
being offered on Ebay
which are ending today.

I "did the math" on these sets and it turns out,
even with shipping costs 
(and trust me a whole set amounts to one heavy package!)
the price-per-issue is still right at what each issue
has cost at any given time, right here in the States.

in getting your hands on 
from the magazine's beginnings in 2009,
through Christmas of 2010...

PLEASE don't wait and go check out the auctions 

I'm not sure they will be re-listed again and by way of
a little "FYI",
I cannot get all the back issues anymore.

There are not many to choose from anymore when we go to place 
our orders with the publisher, which tells me that 
as much as we've been happy to offer them to you 
(and they SELL OUT immediately every time we get them in!)
I don't know how long we will even be able to get them in.

big heads-up here...

If you want ANY back issues but especially
if you want to be able to say you 
have all issues starting with the
coveted first few ever published...

I beg of you --

click over to 
and put your bid in.

And a little Ebay hint:
just because it says 0 bidders... doesn't mean a dozen or so 
people don't have the auction bookmarked and are waiting to pounce at the 
last minute of the auction.

If I had a dime for every auction I lost out on because I thought
I had no competition in the wings...  
Haha!!  :)

Okay, on another subject...
 the next post up in the next day or so will be the
of our renovation at home.   :)

Ladies -- seriously... if you want those mags, 
this is probably the last chance.
And for the record,
I have no vested interest in urging you to buy them --
no kick-backs, or anything.  
I just know that here on our end, we get endless
emails and phone calls from ladies 
begging us for back issues.

And now there are two complete sets up for sale
at reasonable prices even including the freight...
I just want to try and see that you get what 
you've been asking for. 


Hey!  Did I mention it's

See back here with pics of what's had me sort of busy
for the last couple of months...  ;)


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WhiteWhispers2u said...

Happy Friday! I would love to own them myself.Looks like there is one buyer so far~Cheers Kim