Tuesday, June 21, 2011

Wondering What To Bring On Vacation To Read??

One of the things you want to be sure and bring when you're packing up for a
getaway is some wonderful reading material, right?

We can totally set you up...

We've got TWO new issues available to order and take with you
where ever this summer is taking you!

The new issue of the FABULOUS 
Vakre Hjem & Interior magazine is in!

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And the new beautiful SUMMER issue of 
Jeanne d'Arc Living magazine (Issue #5).

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As we've been doing for some time now, we are also receiving some 
BACK ISSUES with this shipment of the new issue --
we will have some from 2009, 2010, and 2011.

These sell out FAST, so you might want to check out
and make sure you get yours if you have
been looking for any back issues!  :)

They can be ordered by



Guess what???

Remember that FABULOUS book published by Jeanne d'Arc Living 
a year or so ago called 
"French Atmospheres In The Nordic Way" ?

We sold out of all we had and then sold out our second batch of them.

Wellllll.... it is back again and reprinted in ENGLISH!

Gotta LOVE that!

It is slated to be released by the publisher in mid-August and we are 
taking PRE-ORDERS for it now!

myspace image at Gickr

We are getting in another shipment from Jeanne d'Arc Living this week and it will
be made up of not only the new #5 issue & the assorted 
(That's for another post).

Stay tuned!!


In personal news....

My sweet dad -- is just not having the best time right now....
He's been in the hospital for days now (spent Father's Day in there)
and isn't doing so great.

I just love that man and this makes my heart so sad...

I hope that if you are one who has left a phone message or an email
that hasn't yet been returned, you'll understand...
I've tried to scoot over to see him a couple of times now
and been trying to keep orders flowing at their normal rate of
mail-out, and it's been a bit busy...
PROMISE!!   :)

Take care!  
You guys ROCK!



Jackie said...

The mags look just lovely and I adore your new header! Still praying for your Father!!! My heart aches because I know what a difficult time this is for all of you...God Bless you and Yours!
If you need assistance with orders, call me!!! I will help you gladly...DO NOT try to do it all yourself sweet Ruth...We as women take the weight of the world on our shoulders and try to do it all alone, that is just how we are...But at times we ALL need help! I'm here for you for whatever you need!
Love you bunches,

Robyn Story said...

Ruth, I am a new follower to your blog and I just love it. It allows me to take a mini vacation from life and enjoy all your treasures. I look forward to seeing all your wonderful inspirations! The magazines are beautiful. I just might have to check into that. Robyn

Storybook Woods said...

Gorgeous read. I need to take a break from writing and read more! I am sorry about your dad and will be praying for him and you. Clarice

Mary said...

Ruth dear - first, I'm hoping your Dad is doing better - he is in my prayers each day.

Belated congrats. on your anniversary - I went back to view your wedding, beautiful in every way - you guys know what marriage is all about. Fortunately I have a guy just like yours!!!!!

About the English version of French Atmospheres - is that going to be a hard cover book? At that price I'm thinking it is, but want to be sure. Would love to have one - gotta go check my piggy bank first though!

Hope all is well - happy Summer days. Will look forward to hearing from you. Thanks.

Hugs -
Mary - A Breath of Fresh Air

Anonymous said...

Ruth, I love the "slide show", nice!
Sweet of Jackie to offer help, listen to her..you don't have to be Superwoman during this stressful time! We love you..hugs, xoxo