Saturday, July 17, 2010

Some Things Just Go Together... (And who doesn't love a FREEBIE?)

So I was working about in the shop, admiring the stacks of beautiful new
pottery/tableware from England and then eyes glance over at the stacks of
wonderful, gorgeous magazines from Denmark...

And I realize...

We've got ourselves a match made in heaven here!

Among the fun cups and teapots just in from Emma Bridgewater, are these oh-so-cute

Couldn't agree more!


Have we got a deal for you...?

We've decided that it just would not be right for these cute mugs to be sold without
the company of a magazine.  It only seems right, don't you think?

So every one of these "Happiness is...." mugs will be shipped out
with a FREE COPY of a Jeanne d'Arc Living magazine.

You will get the 2010 issue #2 (Danish text).
If you already have that copy, it will make a lovely "just because" gift to
a mom, sister, or best friend.

If you're feeling particularly generous, you may want to give her BOTH
the cup AND the magazine.  ;)

{But if you choose to keep the mug, we won't tell... }

No coupon code needed -- the magazine will automatically ship with the mug(s) and
we'll continue this offer until either mugs or magazines run out!



Preppy Mama said...

I have to laugh that mug is my life!! So very true!! Thank you again for my mags, they are HEAVEN on paper!!

Diane Costanza said...

Oh my! I did a post on my blog on this very subject not too long ago.

"a great mag or book and a cuppa coffee"

This is indeed a great deal. I love that mug! I'm off to check it out.


Claudia said...

Oh, you know I love Emma Bridgewater pottery! I love the shape of her mugs, don't you? Love the sentiment, too.


Design Love said...

Oh, I got excited when I seen this mug,because I get so excited when I get a new's the best!!!


Irene ~ RE~VINTAGED said...

I LOOOOVVVE that mug!!
Can I get one somewhere here in Oz!!
Irene x

High Heeled Life said...

What a great mug ... and that is a great gift idea!!! HHL

Laura @ 52 FLEA said...

I think we can all relate to this coffee and magazine thing! I love all her pottery and this mug is adorable. What a great idea!
P. S. You are's HOT here!

Anne - Fiona and Twig said...

That is just the cutest idea, Ruth!!!
And if we weren't on the verge of being dirt poor from buying a new house, I'd be first in line to purchase one! ;-)

Love you bunches!!!

Mary said...

Ruth, do you still have the mug and magazine deal? I collect Black Toast - love Emma's china - and would like to get this mug. Of course I just must have the mag. too, it's always so wonderful.

Please let me know if you still have some.
Many thanks - Mary
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