Friday, May 28, 2010

This Is What Has Had Me In A Most Beautiful Tizzy Today....

I'm in heaven...
Fragrance heaven, that is...

Our entire workspace here smells like a dream -- a multi-layered fragranced dream.

We just received our new line of candles today and even without taking them out of their
shipping boxes, the entire area smells like paradise.

I am serious when I tell you, I caught myself saying out loud as I opened up 
the boxes to take a whiff of each new scent...
"You've gotta be kidding me... this just keeps getting better."
"No way... Oh my word... These are UNBELIEVABLE!"

No kidding...

So what mere mortal creates such fragrance?

Take a look:

Some say that Michael Loring-Probst is equal parts artist and entrepreneur. Over the past 20 years he has developed an enviable reputation within the industry as a fragrance master, a prolific designer and style-maker. Loring-Probst has been recognized in the industry as having “a fine-tuned nose" --
 an accolade which earned him a position as a pinnacle speaker within the fragrance industry. Indeed, his career has been filled with truly diverse and rewarding experiences, the succeeding Creative Director of Illume Candles, Creative Director for several large industry leaders including Zodax and Three Hands and today continues to consult for several well-known brands.

His designs and products have graced the pages of magazines including WWD, In-Style, Domino, W, Metropolitan Home, and Elle Décor and have been featured on the shelves of some of the hippest retailers including Bergdorf-Goodman, Williams-Sonoma Home, Nina Campbell, Urban Outfitters, Neiman Marcus, Z Gallerie, Target, Tommy Bahama, Anthropologie, Fred Segal and many more.

In 2008, Michael Loring-Probst’s introduced the luxury lifestyle candle brand West Third. West Third candles have quickly become known for being the longest, cleanest-burning on the market today and for Loring-Probst’s evocative signature fragrances that are crafted with endless layers of simple and elegant arrangements with under currents of extremely complex notes which creates seduction and intrigue to each of the chic blends.   Live, Love et Luxe!

There are pillars or hand poured jar candles...


You are SO going to love these.

Trust me.

I purposely chose the warmer, moodier scents for the pillars.
Don't ask me why -- I just associate the woody, warm scents with pillars.  Go figure.

Of the four scents we have in pillars right now,
I would personally divide those in half this way:

Deepest, "Moodiest" and Very Intense:
Ambre Notti and Santal Blanc 
would be the big brothers of warm, deep, "moody" scents.
Lush and intense!

Deep and Moody, but sweeter with a touch of "happy":
Vanille de Santos and Vintage Patchouli,
while still definitely "warm" and "moody", have undertones to them
that "cut" the vibe a little to "lighten the mood" a touch.
They are a less "serious" moody.  
If that makes sense.

The hand-poured, large jar scents were all ordered in the more
"light-hearted" and fruity or floral scents.
Again, it was just a choice of mine -- no real reason except that I just
see fruity and flowery in jar versions of candles.   

Tart-ish scents:
Fleur de Citron is, to me, lemony.  Yummy and tart.
Not solely lemon, but lemon-y.  Citrusy.
I think of this candle being burnt in a breakfast room, or kitchen, or dining room.
But obviously not to be limited there!  It would be an incredibly fresh,
upbeat and welcoming scent right at the front door, too!

Cassis de Cassis.  
SO wonderful and juicy-tart!!
This would be wonderful in just about any room of the home and I think
just about any family member would like it.
It's already one of my favorites!

Sweet, floral-y scents would be :
L'Orangerie (whoa -- INTENSE and INCREDIBLE!).
If you've ever smelled the white flowers of an orange tree, or some of the
native flowers of Hawaii, you'll recognize this scent.  Neroli is what
really makes this scent.  
This scent, while really a great all-around anywhere scent, would be perfect
in the bath, the bedroom or the entryway.
Just my opinion ... you burn it where ever you like!

Gardenia di Vita is a floral, to be sure, but it is nicely "cut"
with some "green" notes of cucumber ever so softly in the background -- rendering it a wonderful floral that everyone would love.
A lovely formal scent -- great for living room, entry-way, etc.

Fleur d'Amour is very rose-y... soooo romantic!
But again, this scent, though thoroughly floral is blended cleverly with
other undertones that "cut" the floral just enough to 
create "layers" of scent that make it much more interesting than
just flat rose.  I once had a vial of pure Bulgarian rose oil --
this candle smells very, very much like that.  
Rich, elegant, and extremely romantic.
Entryway, living room (if you're having the gals over for tea) or
the bath or bedroom.  Perfect.

The candles are now on the site for sale 
(if I don't snap them all up myself)!

Click HERE to go!



cathy said...

Oh, heaven! So, dear Ruth, do advise...i like clean, non "chemically" scented know the kind where people walk into your home and say "what IS that that smells so good?!" Some candles have that fakey smell that makes my throat hurt! And I'm not a huge fan of Slatkin candles (which people seem to love). So, i think i've narrowed it down from descriptions: santal blanc, vanille de santos, or cassis de cassis. I trust you, so do prescribe :)

Simply Stated ~ Rebecca said...

They sound amazing Ruth! On my way over to check them out.... Have a wonderful weekend! ~ Rebecca

Anne - Fiona and Twig said...

I think I've actually smelled these candles, they ARE divine!

You always find the best stuff!


*The Beautiful Life* said...

Okay, Cathy.... To answer your very good questions about the scents, I thought I would add the info to the blog post for everyone to see.

So if you want to re-check the post, you'll find my thoughts. :)

Off to write them out now...

By the way, what is it about Slatkin that you think bothers you? Is that their scents in general have that peculiar "chemical" scent that bothers your olfactory senses?

It may just be something in their wax base, or it may be the actual scent(s). Just wondering because I used to carry their entire range of candles many moons ago back in the late 90's so I am somewhat familiar, but their formulation may very well have changed since they've changed direction.

I'll write out my thoughts on the scents, expanding on their basic descriptions. :)

Thanks Cathy!!


cityfarmer said...

You've hit my weak spot ... I just bought a "nest" candle

... there's oh so many to chose from ...and now yet another...what's a candle loving girl to do?

Susie from Bienvenue said...

Ohhhh I bet they do smell great. I'm thinking I would have to keep them all....hehe. Enjoy them while you can. Have a great weekend! xoxox Susie~

Girl Meets Paris said...

How would a person EVER choose? You describe it all so perfectly :)

Jennifer Rizzo said...

How can you not love something that smells so good! I may be tempted to try on out when I get back from FC!

Hampton said...

Love candles--and the citron sounds so delicious :) Hope you had a fabulous long weekend!

Lou Cinda said...

I KNOW these smell unbelievable! I am fixing to go and shop the store!!

I started painting my cabinets this weekend. I posted a sneak peek today!

Lou Cinda :)