Friday, May 28, 2010

A Couple Of Great Websites To Share AND Some New Things For OUR Site!

Just found THIS great Etsy store 
that features fabulous Steampunk jewelry 
(made from all manner of "found" bits and pieces,
much of the time with gears, clock/watch pieces, etc.)

I know Steampunk style isn't for everyone -- and all steampunk isn't
for me, but I must admit I am smitten with much of it.

Really, really like this clock-hand necklace!!
I already have a pair of clock-hand earrings that would go
great with this!!
{In case you're wondering... yes -- pointy, jabby clock hands
DO kind of poke your neck when you're wearing them,
but that's okay.  Pointy-toed, 4 inch heels aren't as comfy as
slippers, but I wear 'em every day anyway!}


I especially love these four pieces, the shop has plenty more to choose from!

Another online shop I'd like to tell you about is owned by my friend
Cathleen of Vintage Home Lifestyle (blog)
and I really think you'll want to know about her site if you don't already!

I purchased an INCREDIBLE vintage piece
{all pics below are from Cathleen's website}

I got this!!  It's REALLY big and REALLY fabulous!
I have it on my kitchen counter and it looks soooo great!

I also purchased these two grain sack style pillows
from Cathleen's shop ...


and I am SOOO happy with them!!

Cathleen has very unusual things that I think 
you are going to love!!

Here are some of her latest additions:

See what I mean?  Great stuff, huh?

By way of a heads up, today some of THE MOST INCREDIBLE candles arrived for the store.
I don't toss that word "incredible" around lightly when it comes to candles... which is why
we have so few lines in the shop.  (Which also tells you that the ones we DO have
are awesome).

This new line -- INCREDIBLE!

I've been Facebooking about them a lot today because I'm just so
overwhelmed by how great they all smell.  

They, as well as other new goodies will hit the site
over the weekend (starting today, I believe).

I'll be busy, but I love what I do, so it's all good!

Have a super weekend!


The Flying Bee said...

Yay!!! I am off to shop! Thanks for the heads up and for sharing the Etsy shops. I have a whole box of broken pocket watch parts that I want to make jewelry with!

Have a fabulous weekend girlie!


The Flying Bee said...

Oh my gosh...I am such a ding bat! I just realized that I started following her blog a while back....LOL! I LOVE her stuff!

Andrea - Faded Plains said...

You always have the most amazing to check your shop...oh...and wouldn't it be the best if we could meander into each others yards for coffee...sigh.

VINTAGE HOME lifestyle said...

Hi Ruth,

Thank you so much for the happy you love your pieces.

Leigha said...

Oh - so much beauty in this post!