Sunday, May 10, 2009


I got surprise package in the mail yesterday that I just have to tell you about.... It came from a dear friend that started out years and years ago as a customer, when I first opened my online shop.

Trish was one of my first online customers almost 10 years ago and we both still remember a day back then when she called me, maybe with a question about something in her order, and we ended up chatting for quite a while -- we hit it off immediately. I remember that conversation like it was yesterday -- the version of it in my mind is of me feeling bad not only with a bad cold and an almost completely lost voice, but also feeling stressed and discouraged about my new little fledgling business.

We talked for I don't know how long -- talked of children, dreams, homes, styles, etc. Trish is one of a handful of people who goes back far enough with me to still remember my deep desire to move from my native Florida up to Maine and live my "beautiful life" in the north in what I came to view as my utopia. (Still here in Florida by the way, but have since found that utopia is not a physical place -- its more an inner calm and willful/volitional acceptance of where you are instead).

Well, years pass, and whenever an order from Trish would come through on our ordering system, I'd smile and stop and remember back to our chat so many years ago, wondering how she is and what changes have occured in her life.

Recently, Trish & I began emailing frequently, getting caught up on family, dream, business, neighbors (hee-hee), etc. and have found that really not much has changed -- including the fact that we still have that certain "thing" that just makes us "click" when we talk. Don't you love when that happens? Trish has apparently been reading all my blog posts this past year, and so was already up-to-speed on a lot of things in my life. (Note to bloggers: you just keep posting -- people DO read!). :)
Last week Trish emailed me to ask for my address -- all very sketchy and clandestine... Then yesterday my daughter comes upstairs to where I'd been cleaning (nope -- still haven't hired Merry Maids) and said "THAT PACKAGE TRISH SENT IS HERE!" I dropped the mop and ripped into it ...

There were TWO beautifully hand-made cards AND the latest cd from.....DRUM ROLL.....none other than one of my all-time favorite male vocalists ever -- Steve Tyrell!!! He adds the memorable music to countless soundtracks that you have surely heard and enjoyed for decades -- most notably (for me anyway) are the two Father Of The Bride movie soundtracks.

I have followed Steve Tyrell's music for soooo long, and guess what -- I've NEVER mentioned that to Trish. Ever. So imagine my utter freak-out when I pull out this cd -- AND her note mentioning that Steve Tyrell is a close personal friend of hers. WHAT???? Trish, girl -- you have been SERIOUSLY holding out on me!!! :)

So, I looked up her home phone number on my order system (no, I won't do that to you guys if you order -- don't worry) and called her at home. I told her about my major fit I had upstairs amid torn envelopes and paper (from when I ripped open her package and discovered the cd) and how you could have heard my squeals of delight into the next county as I literally ran screaming down the stairs to find my hubby to show him... oh what fun!! We were on the phone no less than 1/2 hour...

Just look at the gorgeous work Trish does in making cards!!!
The front of this gorgeous card is filled with motifs and designs that speak to things Trish knows about me and my life -- a truly special keepsake... Thank you, my friend.

"Miracles occur when life happens..." Trish told me she included this quote because I refer to my daughter, Olivia, as my "miracle" (and she is). Then there are the words "Life is beautiful" - The Beautiful Life.... Then there is the gorgeous pewter fleur de lis and the vintage-y pin on the beautiful green ribbon.... It's truly a masterpiece.

Below is a picture of the back of Steve's cd (yeah, we're on a first-name basis now... afterall, he knows Trish, I know Trish.... you know.... )
Below you can see a listing of the songs you'll find on this cd -- all hark back to the 70's (maybe even late 60's - can't be sure, I was too young then!)

From time to time here on the blog playlist, I've featured some of his music and he's sure to back on my playlist again SOON!

His music is the kind of feel-good, sounds great anytime, any situation kind of music that you never grow tired of. His past cds are so, so fabulous -- please, do yourself a favor and head over to Amazon or where ever you buy cds (or go to iTunes if that's your fave) and check him out.

As for my sweet friend Trish, say "thank you" seems so inadequate. To think that you've silently followed me and the store for this long...its just so amazing. Your words of encouragement have always been a real shot in the arm.

And I'm going to hold you to reminding me this Fall of planning a trip to NYC to see Steve in concert in the city! OKAY?? :)

Well, I hope you ALL have had as wonderful a Mother's Day as I have....I wanted to end this post with a pic of one of my very favorite past Mother's Day gifts -- a wonderful old painted desk that I got many moons ago -- at least 15 years ago.

I "coveted" it for weeks and weeks in a local antique shop and finally told my hubby about it -- then as Mother's Day neared, I finally sheepishly asked if I could have THAT as my Mother's Day gift. Well, as you can see, it now sits in the entry to our bedroom. And do you see that color??? Its my new fave -- all over again. Just goes to show, good things never really go out of style, do they?? We may leave them for other "style loves" but we always return them eventually. Teal blue -- I'm back...

I adore the crackled top in a vintage cream -- the glass knobs, oh I still love it as much today as ever... the sure sign of a great purchase.

Be sure and stop back tomorrow for "Music Monday" - I promised that this Monday I will choose a song that is purely for fun. No tear-jerkers, no "message song" -- just an upbeat, start-your-week-off-with-a-smile song... :)

See you tomorrow!


Olivia said...

I thought you were going to start crying when you saw that CD! You started out quietly, just a huge gasp, with the widest eyes ever... then came the, "NUH-UH! NO WAY!!! STEVE TYRELL! THIS IS SO NOT HAPPENING!!" and screaming and "woo-hoo"ing. :) I must say it set a pretty high standard for your Mother's Day gifts from me... ;)

Well Happy Mother's Day - hope you had fun. I did! :)

Teri said...

I really enjoyed this post. Don't you love it when stuff "accidentally" happens, and it's all so perfect? Reminds of the time Scott and I heard a bell ringing, we followed the sound, and there, in a small park off the Champs-Elysees, hidden behind some beautiful bushes, was a French marionette-puppet show. It was all...just...PERFECT!

Anonymous said...

Dear Ruth,

Thank you for your wonderfully kind words, you've made my week! I am thrilled you are enjoying the music. I love Olivia's comment! But, I am sure that we both have the best Mother's Day gift of all, we have our very beautiful daughters. Love to you and Olivia,

Jeanneoli said...

So sweet! I love your daughter's comments.

A Gift Wrapped Life said...

What a lovely story and I remember Steve Tyrell! Not that I should admit that, I was probably a baby -lol! What a nice reminder of friendship and it's long-reaching arm.

Design Cracker said...

Yours is the perfectly rounded blog. Thanks I really enjoyed every bit. I too have a miracle daughter named Olivia, my bff. I'm now a fan.