Wednesday, May 6, 2009


Oh dear...I do believe I'm being swept off my feet by those great Dane's (Danish/Swedish design that is).
Just look at these breathtakingly beautiful rooms!
Clean, not too cluttered but not austere, either.
Light colorways with just the right amount of vintage patina and wood to warm it all up.
If you haven't begun to notice the sweeping trend toward all things Nordic in decor, will!
There is quite a similarity to the French good looks I've loved for decades - that justifies my becoming smitten with this new beauty, doesn't it? :)
Do Danish good looks make you s-w-o-o-n, too?
You're in luck...
Below are things that we will be carrying in the shop and I couldn't wait
to share them with you.
I am so excited about these new additions to the inventory I literally have found myself thinking about it in the middle of the night.
NO, I'm not crazy -- just "in love". :)
Take a look below and you'll see what's to love!

Words, words and more words!
Templates of beautiful French prayers (from vintage prayer cards)
for applying them to your walls, tables, floors - anything!

"Laundry" -- adorn the most-used room in your house (well, most used only after the kitchen).

Fabulous messenger bags, unusual plate/book stand in painted wood, and flax-colored potholders printed in charcoal with the wording from a French olive jar.

You KNOW I had to order pillows...You just know I did. : )

And numbers -- anything with numbers.
We will be stocking the #5 sign you see here...
A lovely linen-toned floral garland wreath...

Vintage-style wooden "clamps" as they're called. Kind of like overgrown (GREAT DANE) wooden clothespins but they stand up and can hold memos, pictures, etc.
A GOREGEOUS mercury glass dome printed with wording in French.
Two coordinating madonna prints on canvas -- vintage with an edgy feel.

Wonderful Euro-style glass jars with zinc clamp lids.
ANOTHER new style of bottle-drying rack! When I thought I would never see another variation on these best-sellers, here we have one! Very versatile because of the new spacing of the pegs!

Dreamy-looking statue in shades of ivory & grey (so Swedish!) and a fabulous bath scrub bar on twine (several scents to choose from).

And not to be missed:
The next issue (Summer issue) of
Jeanne d' Arc Living magazine.

(to call it a "magazine" is an understatement!)

The text is all in Danish, but WHO CARES! The pictures and the beauty on the pages transends language!!!

Here is a sampling of what you can expect in the next issue!

Will my newfound love for the Franco-Nordic style have me soon forgetting my first love, French style? NEVER!
I really don't have to choose -- the two styles blend and meld so beautifully, there is only peaceful cohabitation in the future for these two design beauties.
We're expecting to stock and have available the items you saw above later this month. You can BE SURE I'll mention it here when the treasures arrive!
Wishing you everything beautiful,


*Photos Jeanne D'Arc Living


Laura said...

Hi Ruth!
We are soooo "on the same page"!!! I just posted tonight about the Jeanne D'Arc Living book... This style is just so refreshing! All those items you showed are wonderful....I have to start saving my pennies!! :) Good night, Laura

Tracie~MyPetiteMaison said...

Hi Ruth,
I really think the Scandinavian style and vintage French go well together and just seem to go together hand in hand like cousins, oui?
I know the feeling of waking up at night excited about things in the store, so many things, so little time.
Of course, I just want it all you've shown here, the Jeanne d'Arc Living style is so serenely beautiful. I would love to see the French Atmosphere book too, any chance of that?
A la prochaine or should I say Tills nästa gång? (Until next time)

Teri said...

Why oh why do you temp me so??? ALL refreshing and lovely. I just decided last week to take my bedroom from dark red and leopard, to white and serene. Gee, wonder where I can find stuff like that?

*The Beautiful Life* said...

Tracie! You've freed me! :)
I truly felt like I was betraying my love for all things French (a passion for SO long) by being woo-ed by the lighter, airy looks of this lovely, romantic Scandinavian style, but with your analogy of them really being more like cousins I feel much better!
No guilt here! ;)

Laura, no worries! I tried to select things for the shop that would not be TOO way-out price-wise so that we could all incorporate at least a few things into our homes without totally breaking the budget. I think you'll be pleasantly surprised. :)

Teri! Wow! Ch-ch-ch-changes...New boudoir renno? Dark-ish to light? Sounds dreamy!! You should GET YOUR BLOG going NOW before the re-do so you can chronicle the changes!! (I'm not going to leave you alone about doing that blog, you know). :)

Thanks so much for all your comments!!


Andrea said...

Tracie's right...the two styles blend effortlessly. I love so many elements of both styles and try to incorporate both in my home. I'm sooo here when you get that shipment! I do believe my list just got a bit longer :o)

julie - eab designs said...

I'm inspired - how simply beautiful! Thanks for sharing.

Anonymous said...

Hello Ruth,

I want to jump through my computer screen! All of it is stunning. I am in love and awe of every last bit...can't wait for it to arrive.

Jackie said...

I too have been captivated by the Danish style!! So beautiful! I have one of the Jeanne D'Arc Living magazines and I could look at it ALL the time! My credit card better look out - with so many beautiful things coming to your shop!! Woo Hoo!!

The Kramer Angle said...

Beautiful photos!

Adrienne W said...

OMG!!!! I can't wait! I can't wait! I wish it was here now! Thrilled! Just thrilled!!! Thanks Ruth! I know I can always count on you bringing us fabulous things! Loving your blog changes too!

rochambeau said...

Hi Ruth,
YES!! To the clean fresh lines of good Scandinavian design. I haven't seen this magazine yet, but can't wait to get my hands on one! Thank you for the photos you share here!!
Have a great night!


Tracie~MyPetiteMaison said...

Ooh, to see those gorgeous photos again ~ they are wonderful and put me in the mood to rehaul my maison! Just coming by to wish you a very Happy Mother's Day, Ruth!

Laura said...

Hey again Ruth! You were my 100th commenter!! Good luck in the give away and you are right....I know exactly what I would pick if you were the winner....but...hmm there is a bit of competition! I can't wait for all your new Jeanne D'Arc Living goodies to come in....I think you will do well with them! (Loving that number 5!)
Take care, Laura

Jeanneoli said...

These are all beautiful and they go with all things French!!

Reese & Marie said...

Wow, I love so many of those items. Thank you for sharing. Off to see about the mercury glass dome now...


Chrissy said...

Oh Ruth...I hear you!! I so love this look, I am dreaming about it,I think I need help..hhaha!! Wonderful post my friend, thank you!!

Anonymous said...

Hi Ruth,

OH MY GOSH!!! I am soooo thrilled that someone is going to be carrying Nordic accessories. I have made several purchases from a shop in Sweden but the shipping is just way to much. Now I see that you have some of the items I simply adore!!! The numbers, the statue of Mary (I'm really coveting that) and wanted to order it but because of shipping I didn't and OhOh don't forget the magazine.

When do you expect these items to arrive? Both french and Nordic design are my favorites and I am just as smitten as you are!!!

Anonymous said...

Beautiful! I too am being swept away by this style as well...and also have restless nights tossing and turning thinking of it all! What a lovely post...thanks for gathering such wonderful inspiration!

Susan said...

Oh that #5 would looks great on my number wall!! :) LOOOVE!