Friday, April 24, 2009


See the fabulously cute banner above?? It belongs to my new-found web friend, Deb Kennedy and oh are you ever in for a HUGE treat getting to know her.

There isn't enough time to enumerate her many talents and the many avenues of creative business she is involved in -- you will simply have to hit ALL her websites for that. But suffice to say that she is a one-woman design/creative/idea fountain of genius and if you ever need display or design inspiration, she's your go-to gal.

So a couple of days ago, I find that Deb has awarded me this!

Thank you, friend!

By receiving this award, I am to do the following, and so are the other blogs that I will be passing the award on to:

1.) Name several random things that you love, or things about you.
2.) Pass this along to several other blogs that you love/inspire you and be sure to leave them a comment on their blog so they'll know they got an award!
3.) Somehow link back to the person who prensents you the award (in this case, that would be me).

So here we go, seven quickies for you. They are what popped into my mind right now and so here they are:

1.) I love things that show their age (notice I said THINGS, not ME; I'd prefer not showing my age quite so much).
I really treasure the things I've collected over the years that give me pleasure each time I see them scattered through the house in various vignettes:
2.) So in light of what I just said, explain how I also love a room like this, below? This is part of my office area in our "barn" or "carriage house" and it is anything but "old" or "worn-looking" (like our house!). Yet, I love it, too. Design split-personality? Nah. Just a more playful, casual side that fits the office area perfectly.

3.) I love the picture below -- it is from Olivia's 8th grade dance (5 years ago, I think) and I love how her daddy is next to her along with our sweet, huge Doberman, "Jam". He has since gone on to run in the meadows in heaven, but its such a treasure having all of them captured here. Doesn't she look lovely? Her brilliant blue (lovely with her eyes) dress trimmed in chocolate brown (lovely with her hair) was made just for her for that dance. I suspose I'll keep it forever. Along with the memory of that day. :)

4.) The pictures below are from my hubby's 40th birthday (almost 8 years ago!) and I suppose since his b-day is coming up again next week, I thought I'd include this. The red Dodge Viper and the Hum Vee were my "gifts" to him. Now before you get the wrong idea, let me explain. I came up with the idea to surprise him with these cars, RENTED for him, each for one day (though we ended up getting keep the Hum Vee for TWO days!). On his birthday, the Viper arrived, the rental guy walks into the house and presents Doug with the keys and says "It's yours 'til tomorrow! Happy Birthday!" So he proceeds to drive that thing all day, takes me to dinner in it, etc., and drive it some more that night and the next day. Let's just say, the neighbors come crawling out of the woodwork when you're zooming around in one of those things. AND! You could hear it coming for at least a 1/4 mile! Loud!

So, the next day, it's about time for the rental guy to come back and retrieve the Viper. Poor Doug. What he DOESN'T KNOW is that when they come to take the Viper, they will arrive in a GIANT bright yellow Hum Vee and THAT will be his car for the next day!

We had the best time. I even had a little neighbor boy ask me to take him to school in it (along with about 3 of his friends) just so they could arrive at school in it. He made me drive r-e-a-l-l-y slowly up to the front of school and they deliberately took FOREVER getting out. Too funny!

So, this is my story on how, for Doug's 40th birthday, I decided to forego the usual black balloons and streamers, gravestone party favors, etc. and do something different.

Cost of a Viper and a Hum Vee for a few days: $600.00 (I think)
Dinner out in the really fast, really RED car: $75.00
Gas for the HumVee: $50.00

5.) I love my daughter's artwork. The picture below is of one of two hand sketches she did and I love them so much, I had them made into 11" x 14" poster-sized signs for my shop and for a show I did. They look so cool and have a look that seems at once "old" and very new, very hip.
I've told her I'd love it if she incorporated some kind of text/saying/verse written in some funky way on the picture. I can see something like that blown up REALLY BIG and hung over a couch on an old brick wall. Wouldn't that be cool?? Her art rocks, and I can't wait to see all that she creates in the future.

6.) Okay, below - why a picture of my hubby standing on a ladder in his work clothes? Well, a few reasons: I love to see him in his "doo-rag" tied up on his head. I just think it looks cool. (Doug, if you ever do get to work with me in the store, this will be a required "uniform" for you!). ;)

I also just like seeing my guy at work around the yard/house. Now, I know for a fact, he'd rather be on the couch or at the computer playing video games, but it does my heart good whenever I see him tending to our home/property. Just kinda neat. I think in this photo he was preparing for a coming hurricane - can't remember which year, which "named" hurricane it was. But typically, if he's got a ladder out, and is headed for the roof, it must somehow have something to do with a hurricane headed our way...Yet another reason to LEAVE FLORIDA! ;)

Or this could have been him working on our house when we first bought it. I know this is an OLD photo because our house is definitely NOT this color any longer and is in quite a bit better shape now. :)

But I do love the doo-rag, Doug. Love it.

7.) The pics below are of another love-of-my-life, Nick (Nicodemus).

I adore this guy. He "found" us, not the other way around. He belonged to someone on adjoining property but seemed to prefer hanging around our place, and slept on our porch, played with our dog (Jam, in the photo above) and just basically, little-by-little, inched his way into our lives, til one day his owner came over and simply said "Its no secret he loves you and loves being here, so you may have him." Say what? Who does this? But I said "OKAY!" And its been precious having him ever since. Labs are the sweetest dogs! He literally seems to live for his owners. Never seen anything like it. So different from our Doberman (who I simply adored), who did have a fierce loyalty to us, but also had that rugged individualism seen in "guard dogs". Anyway, Nicky is our sweetie and I am priviledged to have had him find us. ;)

Nicky, you've come along way from your days roaming the neighborhood, and sleeping outside in the heat, buddy.

So, now to name a few blogs that I'd love for you to get to know:

1.) Alisa Burke's art blog -- oh my. Olivia, you will love this one!

2.) Just Something I Made blog -- I can't even describe this one. Creativity, projects, freebies...amazing.

3.) Wren's Nest - Jackie has become another wonderful "blog friend" and now has opened her own online shop in additon to her blog!

4.) Paris Market blog - by Molly who also has a fabulous line of decorative marble tiles all with a French/Tuscany feel created with her incredible photography taken in Europe. GO SEE!! :)

5.) Simply Stated Aesthetics - Rebecca's blog and online store are wonderful! Vintage things galore!

6.) Bon Jour Madame - a very French-inspired blog that is full of beauty, information and fun! SO glad I found this one!!

7.) Faded Plains - Andrea has a beautiful blog and an equally beautiful webstore which you MUST visit! (HINT: She sells old burlap sacks!!)

So, thank you again, Deb -- and here's to all the bloggers I now pass this award on to! PLEASE take a moment to visit each of them!!
Happy Friday!!



Molly said...

Congratulations on the award from Deb. She IS amazing, oui?! What a wonderful glimpse into your life. I love the doo rag thing too! Thanks for sharing! XOXOO

Bonjour Madame said...

Oh my gosh, thank you! I love your blog so this is a huge honor. I like what you did for your husband's birthday, so creative and fun. And I can totally relate to the hurricane prep and yearly frustration! Argh :)


Jackie said...

Thanks doll!! I'm so flattered to be passed the award along with those other wonderful bloggers!! Love your stories and pictures! LOVE the story about your dog - so sweet! Thanks again!!

Andrea said...

What a fantastic list! I actually get a big kick out of seeing my hubby on the ol' tractor with his straw hat...priceless.

Andrea said...

Oops...I forgot to mention, congratulations on the award, you absolutely deserve it!

Cathe Holden said...

I am so flattered to recieve this award from you! I completely enjoyed reading through your amazing list. What you did for your husband is really going to stick with me and I need to start saving for my husband's 50th in 5 years. We, too, have labs. What a gift your neighbor gave you! They ARE the best. Your daughter in that dress is so beautiful. I'll have 2 in the 8th grade soon and that pic. gives me a sweet window into the future. I am so thankful to have found you and your blog or the other way around, I can't really remember. I will be posting my list soon, I'll email you when I do. Thank you again.

Teri said...

This has to be one of my favorite posts you've ever done. I'm always searching for great gift ideas for my hubby...he never wants anything. I know for sure, that one day, I will surprise him with a Viper or something similar. How fun! Mums the word...

Deb said...

Ruth, I am positively blushing over here...I am not sure I deserve such effusive praise, but thank you for your kind words! (I tend to think of myself as an ADHD decorator, display stylist, etc., but your description makes it all sound so much better!!!!) ;0)

the wild raspberry said...

oh man...just found your store...i'm in love :)

The World According to Libby said...

Ok seriously. That's the first time I've seen Doug with the Doo-Rag! This is too good!!!!
Can't wait to yank his chain!!!! Thanks for the material!! hee hee hee hee.....
Love you Ruhee!!!!
Let's get together and burn some meat with the guys!