Friday, March 7, 2008

Nothing to do this weekend? These sites will keep you busy!

Itching to get away?? Boy have I got a suggestion for you....
If this weekend finds you anywhere in the vicinity of London, consider laying your head on the pillow in one of these impeccable establishments -- The Savoy Group of London is a collection of the finest hotels that have been around longer than you or I and most likely will be around to welcome your descendants.
The Savoy Group includes these four classic, benchmarks of pure luxury & elegance: The Savoy (currently closed, undergoing extensive renovation until 2009), Claridges, The Berkeley and The Connaught...Any one would be fit for a King -- or you.

Take a peek inside Claridges -- it is elegance beyond compare:

Or, you may prefer The Berkeley -- don't you just love the modern but oh-so-classic bedroom? Or how about the ever-so-ultra all-purple restuarant!
But...This was the capper -- The Berkeley offers an exclusive package they call "Girl's Night In"

and just see what is included with this fabulous PINK box:

Diptyque candles, in-room mini-manicure, browse through the wide range of legendary chick flick DVD’s available from Sleepless in Seattle to Breakfast at Tiffany’s, while grazing from the ‘Girls’ Night In’ pink hat box delivered to the room containing classic goodies such as a tub of Skinny Cow ice cream, giant box of Maltesers,Kettle Crisps, Hope and Greenwood Sweetie Cones, Green and Black chocolate and sweet and savory popcorn, a DDF goodie bag full of treats from their Strawberry body polish to their Detox face masks. Girls staying at The Berkeley also have full access to the roof-top health spa with it’s spectacular swimming pool and private sun terrace, which open to the sky in fine weather - perfect for topping-up your tan!
So, ladies, what'll it be? Just another weekend doing laundry or will it be 'Ello, mate - we're here for the Girl's Night In!'?

Well, when I'm not dreaming of trips abroad, I'm surfing Etsy -- isn't that THE most incredible site? (Well, next to my site, of course -- hee, hee).

Here are some things I've stumbled across that I'm trying so hard to be good and not buy. But why?? At these prices you can't go wrong?

I absolutely ADORE the wording on the "Patron of Mothers" charm above! Who hasn't thought that at least once during motherhood?
I am continually amazed at the incredible one-of-a-kind works of art that are available on Etsy...I'm officially hooked and go there almost daily to see what's new. I admit, I've 'done some damage' on Etsy since I discovered it a month or so ago, but considering the mountain of things I've gotten so far, I really haven't spent that much and it's all unique and most can't be found just anywhere.
Just look at the incredible jewelry made by Talula (OK -- first, her name is Talula -- with a fab name like that, she was BORN to be artsy!). I want one of everything she makes!! A lot of her jewelry incorporates one of my favorite things -- old keys! Her jewelry so inspired me, that I now plan to try my hand at making a 'key necklace'. I'll post a picture of it here if I actually get it made!

Then, there is the whole addiction to web clip art -- free, of course, so you are free to right-click your way to all kinds of new things to create.

The vast and seemingly unending supply of all manner of imagery on sites such as The Graphics Fairy - even if you only use the graphics as desktop backgrounds on your computer, its worth the trip to this site!! Below are just six samples of images I found that I can't wait to put to use somewhere (you'll probably see them on the store's website being used somehow) -- and this is just six out of about three thousand! - Well, it seems like three thousand anyway...

You can print them out full size, right from your computer and VOILA - there you have it! A fabulous image -- FOR FREE! Use your imagination and see what you can find to do with some of the wonderful clip art available online! You just may surprise yourself!

Of course, if it is actual paper and bits of ephemera (as opposed to 'virtual' ephemera which you download) you are itching to get your hands on, look no further than The Beautiful Life --plenty to occupy hands of all ages!


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Ohh, those are nice. Thanks!

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Oh MY Gosh !!! What a great find! Thank you so much for sharing it.

Mixing Whimsy

Anonymous said...

Thank you for the great clip art. I just got two apothecary jars the other day and these will be perfect!

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Well written article.