Saturday, March 1, 2008

New Products, New Directions, New Energy (or is that just the caffiene kicking in?)

This weekend began on a fun note and the fun hasn't stopped yet!
Last night (Friday) after a long few weeks of nothing but photo shoots and receiving in new inventory, I decided it was time for a little quality "GIRL'S TIME"! daughter and I holed up in our entertainment room in our carriage house/barn/office to spend the night watching TV and plundering the snack jars!
We had the usual assortment of necessities: Whoppers, Milk-Duds, Reese's Cups, Squirms (try them if you haven't yet!), etc.
Nicodemus the dog was there, with his array of "movie snacks" (rawhide, biscuits) and off we were on our all night adventure.
It was wonderful! So much so, we are planning a repeat performance Sunday night, too! Afterall, there are still some Whoppers and Duds left!

Today was spent at one of the most awesome outdoor art shows ever!! Artists from around the country gathered to display their works and it was truly breath-taking! Oh, the things the human mind can conceive!

Spring is in the air (well, it certainly is here in the Tampa Bay area of Florida) and we have a very timely "surprise" for you...
What better way to welcome Spring than with the addition of a dapper little French fellow named Marcel? Or Leon? Or Gaston? Or Arthur? Or Nestor?
Who in the world am I talking about?? Just have a look

Their shiny, rosy-red cheeks and lips are bound to bring a smile to anyone.
How can you resist?? We don't think you'll be able to!
There are three to choose from -- or you could always keep them together and adopt all three!
And, as if having them in foot-and-a-half height figurine versions weren't fabby enough, we also have these sweet little French fellows on
a new line of dinnerware, too!

Now, gnomes are not all we've been busy with...We've added so many beautiful, unique things with you in mind...We've launched a new area of the store which we hope will equip you and encourage you to do something creative each day, even in little ways. Here are just a few of those kinds of new products:

We'd be so interested to see pictures from you of some of the creative ways you are using the items from our Create! Imagine! department. Some ideas already out there are using the stickers/labels (some are shown above) to decoupage a room divider screen which you've painted -and even stamped a bit using our fabulous French stamp collections! Send us some pictures and we'll enjoy posting them here for others to get inspiration!
ANOTHER FABULOUS IDEA for some of the labels and stickers is to put them on a glass or ceramic canister to decorate an otherwise plain-jane item! I have several vintage-style clear glass canisters in my kitchen that I've simply added a French label to and VOILA! instant "new" canister! I use the jars for lots of teabags, cookies, dog treats, etc. Try it!

Hope you'll "stop by" the webstore soon and see it all -- too much to list here!

ONE LAST THING!! Its now March and toward the end of the month, we'll launch our "April In Paris" giveaway! It will be a treasure-trove of Paris/French themed goodies that any true Francophile (lover of all tihngs French) will be VERY LUCKY to win!! STAY TUNED!


Sherry said...

So cute!

Simply Me Art said...

Fabulous Blog and shop, going to look around some more.. Im a transplanted Floridian now in so.Cali... Nice to meet you, Jamie