Sunday, February 17, 2008

It's President's Day & As George Washington would say, "I cannot tell a lie..." - I'm beat!

The view from my kitchen window tells me that Spring cannot be far away...Its funny, here in Florida we do things a little different: most of our trees around where I live actually have what looks for all the world like fall color! I guess because we get our really "cold" weather so late (January), our trees don't change colors until then! But, I also have some trees that did lose their leaves months ago that are now getting beautiful Spring-green leaves! Not matter how you explain it, its lovely!
What a week, what a week! Two kittens got "fixed" and needed special nuturing for a few days, shipment after shipment kept arriving for the store: unpack, loginto inventory, and hours upon hours spent at the computer, then behind a camera, and then back to the computer to upload pictures of all the new stuff -WHEW! If it weren't for gallons of Starbucks along the way, I'd be in a heap.

Then an honors students' brunch at the college my daughter plans to attend - go University of Tampa! - errands, cooking, housework, etc...its all good, though. Truly.

The new things that we'll be rolling out for the store are SO wonderful! Many of them are just about ready for their "debut" but until I can get just the right pictures, etc., I'm holding them back for just a few days more. All I can say, though, is be ready for quite a few 'Beautiful Life' changes! We're introducing a range of things we've not carried before and its so exciting!

NEWS FLASH! We are introducing a whole new area of The Beautiful Life devoted to embellishing, crafting, creating, etc. The BIG QUESTION would really be: what took us so long??? Embellishing, imagining and creating is what I'm all about and I can't believe I haven't thought of bringing it all around to The Beautiful Life before now!!
There are goregous papers of all kinds, FABULOUS, TRES CHIC rubber stamp kits, stickers, labels, bits, pieces -ALLTHE THINGS THAT GET YOUR CREATIVE JUICES FLOWING!

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Anonymous said...

I love your blog as much as the treasures I have purchased from The Beautiful Life over the past few years.