Wednesday, May 7, 2014

Show & Tell (part 1?)

Since it's been so long since 
we've had a chance to keep you updated each time we get new "finds" in, 
I thought I'd just do a little "show & tell"
of  just a few of the new things in recently.

Maybe I'll do a few of these posts to really  get you caught up 
(or, you could always just pop over and spend a nice long time
to see what's new!  ;)

Wanna start with these guys?
Two dapper men from long ago grace
these fun pillows that add a classic yet
whimsical look that any room 
benefits from.   :)

Love, love, love these
vintage-looking hand painted wooden license plates 
from Jeanne d'Arc Living!!

Even if you favor the white-on-white,
pale-on-pale schemes popular in the
magazine, this is the 
PERFECT POP of color
and has that yummy
vintage-y look we all love!

Look at this fun iron "planter"

We opted to display it not filled with
various little potted plants
(but wouldn't a bunch of succulents look AWESOME in it?!)
but with various decor items for a 
unique display variation.

Pack it out with pillar candles of varying heights --
so gorgeous in next to a bathtub 
or on a coffee table!

In the kitchen this just screams to be filled with
fresh fruits/vegetables.

Near the front door to catch mail, keys, wallets, etc.

Leave it to nature to create truly
the world's best coaster.

Seriously, forget the tile coasters,
the cork coasters, the knitted coasters
(do they still make those...?).

These gorgeously thick slabs of 
natural, untreated birch wood absorb
whatever you dish out and then 
dry out to practically never even show that they
were ever wet.

SUMMER=iced drinks=you need these!

Another great use for these is one placed
under the spigot of those gorgeous tall 
party drink dispensers.
Those are fabulous for gatherings, but let's face it -- 
their spouts can drip... right on your countertop.
Problem solved.

Ladies, it's a jungle out there!
So our "Jungle First-Aid Kit" is perfect
for holding all your "survival" needs
(aka make-up/beauty essentials)
on the go!

Okay, you could also fill it with the
first-aid essentials....
(bandaids, wound cream, alcohol wipes,
aspirin, etc...)
and keep one in the kids' bathroom.
How cute is that?!

Actual military bags repurposed by us
for our own jungle warfare
(aka making it through each day with
our essentials at the ready!)

Vintage architectural blueprints
(though most aren't blue...)
that were just too cool to pass up when
we saw a whole collection of them
for sale.

What can you do with them?
Wrapping paper, party table coverings,
framed or hung au naturel from clips,
or buy a bunch and just fill a vase or
urn with them sort of like
we did!

Obviously so much more to show you,
but this is a start.  :)

Happy Wednesday!



Rebecca Lewis said...

Everything is so fabulous Ruth!

Devonshire1212 said...

Love it all, Ruth!