Thursday, May 19, 2011

The Humble French Bottle Drying Rack Is Elevated To Haute Art!

It all began with an email from NYC artist BO JOSEPH

inquiring about purchasing quite few of our 

as well as some of our 

He indicated he needed about 7 for a project he was working on for the
in which he was to be an exhibitor.

His exhibit would pay homage to 
(the one who created the bottle rack as his first example of "ready-made" art) 
and Bo wanted to cover them with images of works from the museum collection 
& incorporate lighting on each rack.


We furnished him his bottle racks & place mats, 
and he promised to send me pics of the finished project.

Weeks later, the email came with some of the


The gala was attended by the likes of Sara Jessica Parker, 
Liv Tyler and more than a few other celebrities and NYC socialites.  :)
What a fun night it seems to have been!

Just look at what Bo did with our  
bottle drying racks and place mats:

As Bo put it in his email to me,

"It was a huge success and a great party. I ended up throwing a curve ball into the project and wore a suit I silkscreened with the same imagery I used in the rest of the project."

Take a look:

Will you LOOK AT THIS????  


But then, that's what artists truly are, no?
Geniuses, in the truest sense.

Oh, here is a fun New York Times link
 that shows some
great pics from the night.

Thanks to Bo Joseph for sharing his big night with me
so that I could share it with YOU!  :)

If nothing else, let this inspire YOU to always RE-THINK the 
ways you use things that you use everyday....

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Tamra said...

Love it!!

Liz Bradley said...

Those placemats are to die for!

Jackie said...

So Kewl~~~~thanks for sharing!