Wednesday, April 27, 2011

It Is Time Once Again For Another Beautiful Issue Of Jeanne d'Atc Living...

This beauty can be yours by clicking


to pre-order.  ;)

We expect to get the shipment  by about mid-May (or so...)
and immediately thereafter start shipping out all
pre-orders we've received.

It looks like another LOVELY issue!

And.... in case you missed our recent announcement,

we are again able to carry the Jeanne d'Arc Living 

product line as we did a couple of years ago!!  

YAY!!    :)

Our order of products has been placed and will be
here before we know it!!

Here is a taste of what Jeanne d'Arc Living has been up to 
(and what we were shopping for) since we were last
able to carry their delightful furnishings...

Almost everything in the pictures will be in our shop before too long!!  

Have a great day, mon amis!  



Jackie said...

Oh what beautiful photos!!! Awwww~

Teri said...

Darn, it's so beautiful but when I click on the "here" it won't work!!! So sad! Can you give me a link so that I can pre-order? THANK YOU THANK YOU!