Saturday, January 23, 2010

Evidence of Miracles... Remember Little Amos Who SO Needed To Come Home From Haiti???

We cannot appreciate the miracle of a sunrise

unless we have once waited in the darkness..."


Thank you ALL so much for your prayers for Aaron & Jamie Ivey to get their son Amos out of Haiti safely... 

no one could have expected the 


answer they would get...

Aaron and Jamie Ivey (and countless other adoptive parents) waited in the darkness not 

only figuratively for years, but literally all night last night 

after getting word out of the blue that their sweet Amos was

being placed on a cargo plane in Haiti was heading to Florida!

Read the following excerpt from Aaron's Twitter account 

to get the 

"rest of the story...."

(Start reading at the bottom to get it all in chronological order)

Frsh showr-new clothes-ready for ATXhomecomng  ATX airport! Hes bringing more vibe to ATX

First escalator ever. 

  1. RT @jamie_ivey In his mommas arms Tweetie

  2. First picture. The one we've waited for 2.5 yrs. Amos here in USA. Tweetie

  3. Howerton's son out. This is impossbly hard. These kids come out devastated, scared, &unfamiliar with evrythng. 1 of hardest things I've seenfrom Tweetie

  4. Nap time on the floor.Airport floor isn't as hard as it looks. Lights are bright. Wondering if Amos has slept any tonight?
    from Tweetie

  5. "it could still be hours..." latest word we got. go to bed people. It could be a while. Crazy. Frustrating. Amos is here in this building.from Tweetie

  6. Whew. 4am here. Sun up soon. We might be heading straight to Orlando airport &skipping hotel. We know nothing. Feeling out of loop.from Tweetie

  7. from TweetieTrying to pass time. Media from ABC is here. They've been here for a LONG time! No news... Red cross says stil workingfrom Tweetie

  8. Lots of people moving around here... I see people with badges... They look like they know something I don'tfrom Tweetie

  9. Sleep is overrated. Stay up with us. Grab a snack. RedCross just brought us ComfortKit snacks Tweetie

  10. We just heard they are finger-printing kids right now. I hope Amos knows his mama & papa are CLOSE!!from Tweetie

  11. Food court has become holding pen for adoptive parents. All eager & anxious. Tweetie

  12. Ok looks we have a party tonight. Looks like a bunch of late-nighters waiting up with us for Amos! Twitter rocks. No news. Waiting...from Tweetie

  13. Ok who's staying up with us to see the first pic???from Tweetie
    Still waiting. They are processing all their papers... Come on!!! Theres about 20 of us here...ready...waiting...

  14. Orlando airport Jamie is happy are all waiting in the Sanford Airport food court. Any moment now they will release the kids... What an epic moment this is.
    from Tweetie

  15. Landed in Orlando. Getting rental car & driving to Sanford, FL to meet Amos. Should be a 30 min drive.from Tweetie

  16. Praying for the rest of the kids from our group to get out of haiti tomorrow. Not ALL made it but they ARE coming soon! Pray for them now.from Tweetie

  17. We will see our boy on US soil in a few hours. Ohhh myyyyyyyyyy gosh.from Tweetie

  18. We are all crying &shaking-God just did impossible-Woodlnds to Hobby, purchsed tikts, thru security &on plane in 1hr. Thank u SW airlines!from Tweetie

  19. Oh my gosh Southwest held our plane!!!! We are on way to get Amos!!!! Thank you God. Another mountain moved!! Crying in row 20from Tweetie

  20. I will post when we have a solution for flightfrom Tweetie

  21. Anyone in Houston that has a plane that just happens to be fueled up? My son is getting in Orlando late night. Let's do this.from Tweetie

  22. Just got word that Amos is on a bus to get on a military plane right now to Orlando. No flights out tonight. We need a jet or a spaceshipfrom Tweetie


Claudia said...

Ruth, I am sitting here with tears rolling down my face. What an amazing miracle. The look on Amos' face on that escalator is priceless. You've made my day with this story.


Anonymous said...

Ruth, I emailed you but wanted to post here on your blog as well.

I'm crying tears of joy. What a miracle. What a gift. Little Amos is home, in the arms of his loving family. I will continue to pray. Prayers of thanks. And as always, prayers for anyone who feels scared, alone, lost, or forgotten.

We are all connected, and this morning, we are all celebrating. Little Amos is home!!!

cathy said...

wow. wow. wow.

ozma of odds said...

If you had the opportunity to see the Haiti fundraiser on television last night, and listened as Justin Timberlake sang "Hallelujah", then you know that this is much bigger than us all! ~ and that through each one of us, it is only God that can send miracles and bring healing! Thank You for sharing another amazing story! xo

lulu and family said...

wow!! i can't wait to read the tweets!! thanks for sharing!

Cathy said...

Our God is a mighty God...he reigns on heaven and earth!!!

What an amazing story...I am so moved by this families can feel every ounce of emotion in those short sentences...

I prayed for a happy ending and so happy to see that was God's will...AMAZING!!!


BonjourRomance said...

Dear Ruth,
Thank you so much for sharing this story with us. The twitter updates where so amazing, and the photo of little Amos in his new mother's arms - thank the Lord he is home safe!
Will continue to pray for this sweet family!

Pansy Cottage Girl said...

Wow, does that ever pull the heart strings. Love a happy ending!

north pal said...


The Flying Bee said...

I am sitting here with tears in my eyes...what a joyous moment. My 4 year old is sitting on my lap and when he saw the picture of Amos giving a thumbs up he did it back to him and then asked if he could give Amos a hug! So sweet! Thank you so much for sharing this story Ruth. Thank you so much!


kana said...

I am crying now....LOVE this wonderful story!!

Tracy said...

Thank you for sharing this happy ending with us. Wonderful news!

Simply Stated ~ Rebecca said...

I am so thrilled for Amos and his family...what joy!
Thank you so much for keeping us posted. ~ Rebecca

Martha said...

This story is amazing! I am so glad you shared and tears rolling as I am so happy for them!

Floralovely said...

What a WONDERFUL story... Thanks for sharing this inspiring family :)

Andrea - Faded Plains said...

With tears streaming down my face...I thank God for bringing Amos home.

Samirah said...

wow what an amazing story God is good
I found out about your blog from my step mother melanie who has I would love for you to check out my blog

Tracey said...

Ahh yes, wonderful!!! One of the directors of the church group I am actively involved in just got her son from Haiti as well...after waiting for 2 years...and despite the earthquake...they are now a family! Miracles do exist...

:) T

jaunty magpie said...

Oh my goodness!! This story is AMAZING. So much sadness coming out of the tragedy, so it's so important to have stories like this get out, so people know there's always something to be hopeful for!

~*~The Happy Homemaker~*~ said...

Thank God.That precious little family has been blessed.I'm so glad you shared their miracle.God is great.