Monday, September 8, 2008


Oh September...
This is the month.
The time of year when there is that one afternoon -- around 4:30PM -- when I see it. Just outside my kitchen window, the afternoon shadows have begun to fall slightly differently upon the landscape. The long shadows of Fall make their first appearance.
Its in the way the sunlight hits the same spots outside, just somehow different now. The light filters into the window in a more beautiful, softer way.
Oh, it is a wonderful feeling!
The view from my kitchen sink may become less lush and green, but still the "look" of Fall is a beautiful one to me!

Some "awake" in Spring -- for me, it is Fall.

The month when the year finally begins to break into stride and there comes the promise of the coming month-after-month of wonder.

Inspiration and energy abound for me during these Fall and Winter months -- do they for you?

I feel a rebirth each and every September -- as though my very soul has been slumbering during the weighty, warm months. What about you?

The scents are warmer and spicier - cinnamon, cloves, nutmeg; the food is richer and heartier - soups, squash, stews; and the "feel" is cozy and divine - a heavier throw on the couch, logs instead of a plant on the hearth, sweaters and light jackets on hooks in the mudroom.
And if you're in a vintage home that can be drafty, you're thankful for the funny-shaped "pillow" called a 'draft-stopper' to help keep the chilly air from seeping in from outside.
There has been so, so much going on with The Beautiful Life -- some to share (like fabby new store items!) and some for me to savor a bit longer before I share...(suspense!)
Maybe its this glorious time of year, but the feeling here is electric -- like there is more going on inside me than I have ways and mean to express! But one thing is sure -- the "ride" is as delicious as the "destination".
In the spirit of all this crispness-of-air and cozying up to the hearth, have a look at these wonderful, large (very large) French burlap pillow-covers we've just added. They measure a full 2 feet square and will be the perfect thing for late-night reading in bed on a chilly night.

Along with the textural appeal of the pillow, you'll surely want to 'catch a falling star' and toss one into your decor as decorating trends toward richer, mellower hues...
These beautiful dimensional
Moravian stars
are crafted of metal and come in two sizes -- either one will make a statement and add just the right amount of what we like to call 'vintage -funk'.

To add THE quintessential smell of Fall to every inch of your home, do yourself a favor and pick up some of THESE CLAY POT CANDLES!!
You haven't smelled the warm deliciousness of Fall until you've burned one of these SUPER highly scented Terra Vasa candles. They just "look" like Fall, too! Scents such as Hazelnut, Warm Banana Nut Bread, and Apple Cider will fill your home as no other candle can.
Oh so much more to tell and show, but for now we wish you every "bountiful" happiness on this fair September day...


Joy Zaczyk said...

Wow Ruth, Fall agrees with you! :)

I do love Fall too. I have already made a couple of roasts complete with dumplings. :) The air is so much crsiper and easier for sleeping which I love....

Have a wonderful Wednesday!


Joy Zaczyk said...

p.s. You've got a POND in your backyard??!!!

The World According to Libby said...

Hey girl. Love this blog! You are so right! Hey, move quick to answer the question on my blog. It's a George question. :)
Love ya girl!

Barb said...

Hi Ruth,

I love fall too (we just don't have it in this part of AZ). We have to drive a few hours for fall like weather.

I like your new items. i need to play with my budget-hehe.

Kasey said...

Hey Ruth, i'm back in blogland!
How the heck are you?
any time, feel free to "interview" me.