Thursday, July 31, 2008

And we just keep adding things....

You know, we never truly get "done" shopping, do we. Same thing when you have a store...

Just when I think we're good, I see more things we simply "must have"!
One of the things I'm most excited about (and I'm thinking some of you out there will be, too) is the addition of some really beautiful ribbons we're now selling.

In particular, the black & white French Landmarks ribbon is one that many customers will be glad to see offered for sale! For years, we've gotten raves and requests for it once someone receives their order in the mail with their goodies wrapped with the ribbon. I've had people place repeat orders JUST TO GET THE RIBBON on their package of items!! :) So...we took a hint and are now offering it for sale.

Another great new "find" are these hinged, fold-up organizers crafted from vintage recycled wood! Just look at all the little nooks and crannies you'll have to stash desk or craft supplies in (can't you just see rubber stamps, stamp pads, tags, etc. in it?). The coolest thing is that it actually can fold up to the size of a large shoe box...Not that you'll probably ever have it closed ('cause it looks so great open!), but its just a cool feature, I think!

Enjoy the slide show above for a small sampling of some of the very newest items just added to the store, BUT THERE IS EVEN MORE COMING IN EVERY DAY!


Joy Zaczyk said...

Ohmigosh Ruth - the ribbon is FABULOUS! Fleur de lys - you're killin' me!


Paige Thomas King said...

Just found your blog--thanks to your ad in Romantic Home. Love your web site and blog.
I'm a fellow shop owner and blogger. I've enjoyed reading through your activities. Your blog is very creative--as is your shop (website).
I've added you to my favorites and look forward to a lot of inspiration and interesting reads.
I've got a dear friend in the Tampa Bay area--I'll tell her about your shop.

Gayle said...

I'm not seeing any of these hinged fold-up organizers on your website. Have they all been sold? Please set me know.....