Wednesday, May 7, 2008

The Art Of Display...thinking INSIDE the box.

(Be sure and click all pictures for the best possible view!)'ve taken the family to the beach and have the most exquisite shells you brought back with you...Now what?

Hubby has a few prized sports cards or an autographed hockey puck or two that he'd like to proudly display...but where?

That honeymoon to Europe was divine and the left-over Euros and Pounds Sterling are now langquishing in a sad.

You have an addiction to all things vintage -- buttons, labels, ribbons, papers, books, etc., and before your family forbids you to buy one more thing, you know you'd better find an "artsy" way to display this stuff -- as if you had a "plan" all along while buying it all! :)
We've got you covered!! Just look at the fabulous new additions to the store!!

A collector's dream come true!! Three sizes/shapes of display boxes all crafted from vintage, recycled pine and lined with burlap for that edgy/rustic appeal -- even with your vintage lace collection!

(don't you just hate it when people say that?)
We decided we couldn't 'leave well-enough alone' so with every box we're tucking in some antique papers from our stash (OK -- so I have a paper fetish/addiction, too...).
We'll include either vintage ledger paper and/or pages from an antique French dictionary!
Can't you just feel your creative juices flowing??

There is a box for just about anything and no matter what you put inside, its going to look like an instant "collection". You could put a Twinkie in these boxes and it would look great! Well, maybe not a Twinkie....that would just be a sad waste of a Twinkie.

Click on this picture, above! The picture of the Masai warrior holding his spear was a fellow that my husband made quick friends with (wouldn't you make friends with a guy who carries a spear?) while he was in Africa for several weeks. During conversation one day, the warrior asked my husband if he had any daughters...SAY WHAT?? Yes, he wondered if we had any daughters and if so, how many cows it would take to buy her! HOLY COW!

Needless to say, our daughter still resides here with us...where she will stay. No, Olivia -- daddy did not sell you off for a few cows while on vacation in the wilds of Africa... :)

But I digress...

These beautiful new silver pieces are just some of the incredible, unusual new items we're working on adding to the site. All I can say is "buckle your computer chair belt" -- we've got some unbelieveable things coming your way...The likes of which you just don't see anywhere else...

The silver angel and the hand are a very unique little accent to add to a tabletop vignette (or, one of our display boxes!), hang on a door, tuck into a wreath, etc... They're simple, yet so unusual! Many, many more styles are coming, but this is a start!

Below are some adhesive bookplates from Cavallini that we're adding. If you love decorating books (or any books for that matter) like I do, you are more than happy to loan them out -- you just want 'em back! :) These gorgeous bookplates will ensure that your beloved books find their way back to you. These also make a perfect gift for teachers, friends, etc. Perfect to even tuck right into a greeting card! Buy them here!

Last, if you haven't checked out our new French-inspired purses, you've got to click over there now!! You won't be sorry!
(They're pictured right at the top of the blog post just below this one!)
They look incredible and they definitely get compliments when you're out and about!
Honestly, they are the most unique and chic bags around! Get yours before we run out!

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